She is a mystery lady _ Episode 1

 She stopped the campus shuttle and was about to enter,but then,she heard the driver said N100.She hopped down,trying to wait for another shuttle.She peeped into the shuttle again.I was sitting at the back,at the extreme end,but I was facing the glass,pretending to be watching the people who were strodding down,but that didn't mean I was not falsely looking at her with my fore-sight.She glanced at me,and hopped back into our shuttle.The driver had said he would cut down her fare by N20.She sat
beside me.
   I noticed she was having a strange attention fixed on me,somewhat making me feel uncomfortable.I was pretending not to let her see my face.
     "Hi",she said,trying to catch my attention and make me look at her,but I just responded "hi" too.She noticed my voice was a bit cracked.
    But then,I ran out of luck.The shuttle drove past a pot-hole and galloped.This made the tears rolling down my eyes to drop on her palm,I think up to three times.Now,she wasn't sure before but now,she is certain I was passing towards a traumatic emotion.
    After some seconds,she dipped her hand in the school bag she was carrying,brought our a handkerchief that was having a pleasant romantic scent,folded it and put it inside my hand.I looked at her,but she just smiled.Then,she dropped and paid her fare to the driver.I kept staring at her until she vanished where I couldn't see her again.
    I used the handkerchief and wiped my tears.Though I am not used to picking things from people on the road,but she looked caring.After then,I dropped at my own destination.As I was walking into the admin office,I was wondering who could have sent that girl.Well,I just decided to let it slide.I brought out the handkerchief again from my pocket,then spread it.I then noticed an inscription written on it,but it was blury.I couldn't see it clearly.Then,I brought it closer.The inscription was,"Your heart is a mirror". This kept me thinking more and more.I just dashed into the Exams and Records unit,did one and two things I needed to fix and came out.
    As I was approaching the edge of the veranda,that cut to another veranda,I jammed a lady.I noticed that my lips touched hers(kissed),before she fell down on the floor and the files she was carrying chattered everywhere.
     I quickly assembled the files and went to help her up the floor,where she was busy wiping the dusty dirts that had stained her pinky-mauve body-fitted gown.As I stretched my arms to help her up,she looked at me.Behold it was the same lady who had given me a handerkerchief inside the shuttle.We were shocked and stared at each other for over 10 minutes,dump-founded.

*Please,if you have this encounter,what will you call this girl???

Written by Henry Aniagor||

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