She is a mystery lady_Episode 3

      By the moment I came upstairs,I discovered that Tracy was already done with the lunch she was making for me.
    "Babe,it's ready! I'm certain you must be surprised that I made this meal so fast",she asked,expecting a thumb up from me,but I was not in the mood.My whole faced seemed as though I was recovering from shock.
   "Babe,Come-oooon!",she said,feeling rather uncomofortable.
  "Babe,what is it that you can't tell me? To be honest with you,I'm not comfortable with your mood right now.Ok,tell me,I know you need money.Just mention the amount and I'll phone my dad at once.When did you start hiding your  lacks from me? Oh,stop,if money is your problem,then I will just have to call my dad and you know he is ever ready to give out"

    I still kept silent,with my arms folded and supported on the milky-coloured table that stands by the corner of the room.That has been my study table,but most times,we had to use it for meal.I kept staring directly at her.
     Tracy came from a  very wealthy family.Her dad is a prominent politician who has diversified his business conglomerate into diverse sectors,ranging from oil to sports,import and export,and general merchandize.Her dad is best reverred for running several estates in the United States.However,she is the only daughter in a family of four.She has everything to her disposal.She pays my fees and has been the one paying for my house rent.She had even sponsored me to several International rallies,however,I still doubt whether she loves me with her heart.The same thing she does for me,she do to many other guys that I know.She loves life more than every other thing.She believes that her money could get her the whole joy she needed.I was even beginning to think she is paying me off to remain a sugar boy to her.Hell,no..I usually ward off this thought each time it comes.The last time,she had even given me some money to go and deposit for one nigga I dont even know very much about.
     Before I finished eating,her phone has rung up to thirty times,usually with different numbers calling,and they were all male voices.She is not even moved as to whether I would be thinking awkward.
      As she went into the toilet to ease herself,her phone began to ring again.It was on the table ,just where i was eating.I looked at the phone and saw a message popped up on the screen,"Baby,I'm waiting.Remember its Room 12,first floor"
   What! Could it be what I'm thinking?? Well,I just pretended like if nothing happened.
    As she came out from the bath,she picked up the phone which was having have a red bright light,blinking on the screen.She opened it,read the message and smiled.
     "Why're you so excited?",I asked,pretending as if I was not aware.
       "Oh,my dad just  sent me a text message,to remind me that 20th June is my birthday.You can't imagine him asking me to make my wish now",she lied.
    I just laughed and sniffed a bit.Then,I went back down on the bed.
I wanted to rest for a while before going for evening study in the lecture hall.I was putting on my white cotton boxers,we usually call it Banana Republic,for its superior quality over others.
 As I lay down on the bed with a newspaper,I discovered Tracy had stopped talking over some minutes.I lowered the newspaper to look at her only for me to discover she was romantically staring at the big bulge print displaying from my boxers.
      "What?,what do you want?",I just asked.
I was expecting a reply only for me to see her pulling off her clothes,revealing the mauve,pinky bikini she was putting on.
    "Stop Tracy!,Stop!!,this got to....",I kept saying as I covered my face with the pillow beside me.Before I knew it,she was.......

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