Chidimma cucumber: How Miss Anambra s*x scandal will affect upcoming models

Following the furious buzz caused by the scandalous release of the Miss Anambra s*x tape, a new statement has been made about how this will affect other pageants.

Some time ago, the s*x tape saga of former Miss Anambra,  Chidinma Okeke, indeed threw several media into pandemonium after it emerged online.   The emergence of the sex tape has even created worries that other pageants may not hold as much credibility as they used to.   Meanwhile, a former beauty queen, Ambassador Sharon Anya, Miss Tourism Nigeria 2015, who spoke with Potpourri recently, says she also holds the belief that pageants may not be what they used to be.   “It will certainly affect other pageants. The organisers have to become more transparent, and let the criteria be properly spelt out, and being more transparent means, everybody should know why the winner won, and on the other hand, the contestants should always go for official meetings with her lawyer and manager before
signing any contract”, she offered.    When asked if it is true that beauty queens cut corners to win at all costs, the Mass Communications graduate of Igbinedion University said it is a possibility and maintained that it is not exclusive to pageants.    “It happens in any other field. Some journalists go the extreme to get top interviews, even in churches, there are pastors that use diabolical powers to get to the top. Some athletes use drugs to get to the top,  there are those that would want to do anything to get to the top of their careers, in every field. There are those that break the moral boundary in pursuit of a goal, others won’t, it’s everywhere, so it’s not peculiar to pageants only.  “I don’t know her to know what went wrong, the act was wrong but the person…I can’t judge. For future pageants, have a team, have a manager and a lawyer. For me, I got into Miss Tourism Nigeria pageant for a purpose and not to be famous. My pageant is about promoting tourism , women empowerment, leadership across the country and attracting foreign investors, I focused on that, and it kept me going, I was able to stay scandal-free because I invest in myself a lot, I cultivated a life I want to enjoy in peace,” she added

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