Mixed Reactions On ' Game Of Thrones Season 7 ' After Ed Sheeran Was Spotted In The Movie [See Comments]


Just this moment Game Of Thrones season 7 is about to drop, whith heavy expectations from fans, popular musician, Ed Sheeran, the Shape Of You crooner, was spotted in major role in the movie.Well, fans seem not to find this funny and interesting. Well, I bet you may not like what I bumped into on Mashable this morning.Just read below:
Hey cool kids, this post has spoilers for Season 7, episode one. So, like, don't read unless you've watched. Duh. 

You know when you're watching your favorite high fantasy television show and then this mega famous pop star just shows up in a scene and rips you out of the episode?
That was the feeling of many Game of Thrones fans when Ed Sheeran, of all people, sat in the woods singing a supposedly-Westeros-y song as Arya Stark rode by on her horse. And of course she dismounted, and of course there was a little bonding scene between her and the English pop star. 

Yeah, you know, the crazy popular musician who is BFF with Taylor Swift and has been damn near everywhere this year. That guy. In Game of Thrones. Why not? 
He even says the song he's singing is a "new one," basically screaming at you that you are watching a fictionalized show and nothing is true escapism here in the sorry realms of late capitalism.
If you watched this and this rando weird scene ripped you out of the episode you were farfrom alone. Many, many people were deep into the Seven Kingdoms when the ginger musician showed up and pierced the veil of their happy disbelief with his blue eyes. 
And here we are. Making jokes about that Ed Sheeran appearance on Game of Thrones. 
And the thought we all had:
OK, we can rest assured that he won't be on the next episode, so we'll have to just accept the fact that he won't meet the usual fate of all those on Game of Thrones.

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