32- year old US teacher accused of having sex with 14-year old under-aged student

According the Daily Mail, Married mother-of-two teacher, 32, accused of having sex with male student, 14, was 'caught after appearing in raunchy Snapchat video wearing just a shirt and panties'

                                    32- year old US teacher accused of having sex with 14-year old under-aged student
A married teacher accused of having sex with an underage male student was arrested after being seen in a Snapchat video posted by the boy wearing just a 'shirt and panties', it has been claimed.
Samantha Ciotta, 32, was arrested in September on suspicion of having a sexual relationship with the boy for several months. 

                                   32- year old US teacher accused of having sex with 14-year old under-aged student
She was his teacher at Beaumont High School in Beaumont, California, at the time.
In August, another student claimed to have been watching the boy's Snapchat story when he saw Ciotta come into view.  
According to newly obtained court documents, she was scantily clad in the footage which was filmed on an iPhone which she and her husband paid for.
                                 32- year old US teacher accused of having sex with 14-year old under-aged student

Other students were also present, they said. The other student allegedly asked the boy if the woman in the video was 'Mrs Ciotta'. 
He replied: 'Yes … Bro, I’m gettin’ in deep … been f****** (Ciotta) and getting threesomes for the past couple weeks (at her house),' according to court documents obtained by local news site Patch. 
The records did not indicate if the threesomes involved other students or adults. 
After watching the Snapchat video, the other student informed an adult about the boy's response and Child Protective Services were notified.
Ciotta was arrested and police obtained a search warrant for her home. 

Inside, they found a torn-up note addressed to her husband which detailed her relationship with the boy.
According to their investigation, Ciotta took a special interest in the boy in 2015.
A relative who cares for him said she went as far as to describe herself as his 'advocate'. His mother is dead and his father is in prison. 

Ciotta sent emails to his relative describing his improving behavior and, at first, the relative said she trusted her as his teacher. 
Soon, he began arriving home in expensive clothes and with new technology which his relatives say she and her husband bought him. 
Sciotta's husband has filed for divorce and now has sole custody of their two children. 
It is not clear who the boy is being cared for. 
The relative who was looking after him has been investigated for child neglect after he spent months living away from home having run away.
When Ciotta was arrested in September, police shared fears she may have had inappropriate relationships with more students.
She may now face additional charges as a result of the video because it allegedly featured other students. 
Ciotta was released last month after posting $150,00 bond. She is awaiting her next court date. 

Source : Daily Mail UK

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