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The eyes are the windows to the soul’ has always been very popular. That} is the reason each of us is attempting to highlight them with a glowing make up, fresh contact lenses, etc.. Have you ever flirted with your eyes or made eyes at anyone? The only difficulty every woman is confronted with is that look of under eyes bags.

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When your skin loses its elasticity, then it begins to sag and that is the reason why bags beneath your eyes turned into a frequent thing.However, aging is not the only reason why you’ve got bags. By the way, even after 40 you still can remove them or, at least, forget about them for a couple of Years}, if you:
  • stop smoking
  • refuse from frequent diets, and provide enough vitamins your skin needs
  • consult your doctor and find out what body mechanism and diseases may have caused bags under eyes (low kidney function, for example)
  • sleep enough
  • reduce the amount of stress
  • spend more time in front of a computer screen
Treatment choices are multiple. In any case, some of them are not expensive enough to be tried out at home, and as often as you want.We will let you know about the most effective ones. If a single solution fails, it does not indicate that you should give up. Not all of these are effective in most individual instances. Follow your own trial-and-error method and you’ll discover the remedy that is suitable for your case.
Application of chilled or frozen green tea bags. This is the favourite system of several women. Why? — Just because it’s extremely effective, not expensive and does not require any particular skills, processes or much time. It’s possible to apply green tea bags beneath your eyes for almost 15 minutes frequently. Why green tea?  — It’s a natural anti inflammatory (EGCG) which assists to forget about bags underneath eyes and slow down the aging process.

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Use frozen silver spoons It sounds strange, Put 2 spoons inside the freezer overnight and take them out in the morning. Put them under your eyes and leave for 10 minutes. This is referred to as ‘an emergency option’, as it provides a fast effect in case you need to leave for some place.
Sleep enough. 8 hours of sleep may be enough to reduce under eyes bags. This is time is enough to give eyes a chance to relax. This is especially helpful if you spend to much time in front of a computer/TV screen.
Hemorrhoid cream Preparation is extremely powerful.  Its ingredients shrink the bags under eyes quickly, but the only setback is the fact that the effect lasts just for a couple hours. By the way, this is the procedure that’s been efficiently utilized in the modeling industry for several years.
Sliced cucumber/potato. Cucumber has particular properties which guarantee skin firmness and shape. Applying its pieces for 20 minutes every day, you’ll notice how quickly the bags vanish off. Exactly the same with uncooked potato slices: they tighten the skin that’s connected to the saggy muscles.

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